International Salon "Integrated safety and security exhibition"



International Salon "Integrated safety and security exhibition" – the largest exhibition in Russia of 2012-2013. on the topics of "Safety. Fire safety and labor protection» according to the All-Russian exhibition ratings.

Purpose of the Salon:
Ensure effective interaction between government authorities and product developers in the field of security in order to promote modern technologies on the Russian market of security systems and means.

The objectives of the International Salon "Integrated safety and security exhibition":
• To demostrate the implementation of federal targeted security programs;
• To highlight the main areas of activity of federal executive bodies in the field of security;
• To stimulate the introduction of the latest domestic technologies and developments in the field of security;
• To provide an opportunity for direct dialogue between representatives of federal executive bodies and the security industry to improve the effectiveness of federal targeted security programs.

Concept of the exhibition:
Within the framework of the salon business program, presentations were made of the Interregional Operational Management Center to the constituent entities heads of the Russian Federation, collegiums, heads meetings of rear and technical services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Emergencies of Russia, conferences and seminars of salon partners.
The demonstration program of participating enterprises, special divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federal Security Service and the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia was held at the Salon in the equipped area of the Noginsk District of the Moscow Region.
Heads of government bodies of the Russian Federation, leading experts of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Rosoboronzakaz and other federal executive bodies took part in the Salon's work, including in the ceremonial opening events.

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An exceptional feature of ISSE was that it is held as a large-scale integrated event of the leading power ministries and services of Russia.