International exhibition on automation and electric power industry components SPS / IPC / DRIVES-2012

27-29 November, 2012
Germany, Nurenberg

SPS / IPC / Drives 2012 – a major international exhibition and conference in the field of systems and components for the automation of production and management processes.
Experts consider it to be one of the main thematic events of the industry not only in Europe, but all over the world. In the pavilions of the exhibition you could see the new products, trends and innovations of the industry. Participation in SPS / IPC / Drives-2012 was accepted by at least 1200 companies from different countries. Many developers, engineers, manufacturers, designers, managers of industrial companies, representatives of related industries, as well as other professionals and experts visited the exhibition.
The event was also intended for the general public, who is interested in automation technologies. In 2012, special attention was paid to wireless communication as well as the use of various platforms in modern systems of automation process and management in industry and other fields of activity.