4th Russian fuel and energy complex: “The priority vector of development is security”

20-23 May 2014
Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion 75

International Congress "Fuel and energy complex of Russia: a priority vector of development - security" within the framework of the business program of the International Salon "Integrated safety and security-2014".
The Congress became a unifying platform for all organizations and enterprises of the fuel and energy sector in Russia and the consolidation of the conservation and effective use of energy resources in the Russian Federation, informing the world community about Russia's mature position on the issues of protection and careful use of energy.
The program of the сongress helped to establish mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and foreign companies in the field of introducing the latest technologies to ensure comprehensive security in the fuel and energy sector.
The сongress of the investment attractiveness of Russian fuel and energy complex demonstrated the premises for the transformation of Russia into the leader of the world fuel and energy infrastructure: these are the rich reserves of valuable natural resources and the possession of advanced technologies in ensuring the security of the energy sector.
During the work of the congress sections scientific like technical and organizational aspects of the latest developments use to ensure the safety of infrastructure facilities in the fuel and energy complex as well as legislative issues of legal regulation, tax and customs privileges for enterprises investing in advanced technologies aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Russian FEC were discussed.
According to the results of the congress proposals were drafted and sent to the bodies of state power.

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