International exhibition “Innovation and technology”


International exhibition "Innovation and technology-2015" was organized in the framework of "Integrated safety and security exhibition 2015» on the initiative of innovative companies to demonstrate the capabilities of Russian projects, scientific and educational centers and practical assistance in their further development.
The general partner of the exhibition was JSC "Russian Venture Company" – the state fund of the Russian development institute , one of the key state instruments in building a national innovation system.
The participants of the exhibition demonstrated innovative developments in the field of energy efficiency, safety, ecology, information technologies, innovations in construction.

Among the latest developments:
- Resource-saving rolling stock operating on liquefied natural gas;
- a new generation of devices for water disinfection;
- modern lithium-ion batteries of increased capacity;
- technology to increase the efficiency in engines regardless of the type of fuel;
- production of electricity from alternative sources ;
- aerosol nano-disinfectants for human biological protection;
- unique remote-controlled underwater vehicle;
- new means of protection from heat and cold in the system "man-clothes-environment";
- discharge-impulse technologies for strengthening foundations;
- a fundamentally new energy converter;
- trenchless technology of repair of water supply networks;
- induction lighting.

Within the framework of the 6th international exhibition the "Salon of Inventions" continued its work. Small innovative enterprises, inventors, young scientists representing more than 250 innovative projects in different spheres of the national economy participated in the exhibition. In order to support and further promote innovative developments among the participants of the "Salon of Inventions" was held the contest "Open Opportunities-2015", according to its results the best developments were recommended to potential investors.

Also an innovative contest "The Idea of the Year-2015" was held and designed to identify the most perspective developments at the exhibition. The winners of the contest were selected in the following nominations: "Opening: an innovative product", "Opening: innovative technology", "Opening: an innovative project".